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What We Do


Endowment Partners is an Investment Management Firm that specializes in, and solely focuses on all aspects of investment management for nonprofits, foundations, and endowments across the country. Nonprofit clients like foundations, human services organizations, colleges, performing arts organizations, religious organizations, and other 501(c) 3 organizations trust Endowment Partners to provide multiple layers of financial sustainability strategy.


Investment Management

Endowment Partners specializes in serving nonprofits, foundations, and endowments by offering our proprietary investment strategy that works to generate cash flow and mitigate downside risk in investment portfolios. 

Our firm can partner with you to manage various types of investment accounts including:

  • short term cash balances

  • reserve funds

  • quasi-endowed funds

  • endowed funds 



We provide a comprehensive review of your organization's governing documents including investment policy statement, spending policy, gift acceptance policy, gift agreements, bylaws, and major gift and legacy plans. Our goal is to establish your investment goals and objectives through discussions, and create an investment policy and plan based on those goals.

  • comprehensive governance audit

  • governance document creation and ratification 

  • investment policy and spending policy review

  • annual governance review

Stewardshi & Fundraising

Donor Stewardship

Boost your agency's long-term growth with our expertise in enhancing major donor relationships and developing gifting strategies backed by data. Rely on us for advice on major gift structure and strategy that maximizes benefits for both you and your donors.

  • development of ways to give forms

  • legacy program development

  • major gift program development

  • research and data on gifting strategies

  • development team coaching on complex gift structure  

We are your strategic philanthropic investment partner: elevating your family’s impact.

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