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We are your strategic philanthropic investment partner: elevating your family’s impact.

Endowment Partners Family Philanthropy, an Endowment Partners company, provides families with access to an investment partner specifically focused on philanthropic investment management.  

By focusing exclusively on philanthropic investment management, we are able to deliver customized investment strategies that aim to grow assets over time, generate income, and preserve capital. In addition to investment management, partnering with our firm means our leadership team becomes a part of your personal advisory team, enabling us to lend our expertise to enhance your wealth and philanthropic objectives.

Through our valuable work with our clients, Endowment Partners Family Philanthropy fosters a community of philanthropic excellence and lasting impact.

What We Do

What We Do

Endowment Partners Family Philanthropy specializes in serving philanthropic families by offering our proprietary investment strategy that works to generate cash flow and mitigate downside risk in investment portfolios. Our firm can partner with you to establish and manage various types of philanthropic investment accounts including:

  • Private Family Foundations

  • Donor Advised Funds

  • Charitable Trust Accounts

  • Appreciated assets and concentrated stock positions earmarked for philanthropic causes

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Partner With Us

Whether you are embarking on your philanthropic journey, or you are part of a multi-generational philanthropic family, we are here for you. As a client of Endowment Partners Family Philanthropy, you will gain a partner who will work to integrate your philanthropic goals into your overall financial plan. Our leadership becomes part of your personal team of advisors and will work with your existing team to identify the most tax-efficient giving strategies to meet your wealth management and philanthropic objectives. This collaboration will drive our decisions on the types of charitable vehicles best suited for your position, and the best philanthropic strategies to realize your impact and legacy goals. 

What We Do

What sets Endowment Partners Family Philanthropy apart is that we go beyond investment management to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services that are essential to fulfilling their objectives. These services include: 

  • Philanthropic financial planning and wealth guidance Tax-efficient giving strategies

  • Strategic philanthropic planning

  • Grant-making and impact tracking

  • Private Foundation compliance

  • Generational beneficiary and family engagement Legacy planning, and governance structure to ensure alignment with family values over time 


Our team would be honored to host you for a private session where we can discuss how Endowment Partners Family Philanthropy can assist in, not only managing your philanthropic assets, but also in providing expert advice on tax-efficient giving, developing your personal philanthropic strategy, and planning your lasting legacy.

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