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Investment Consulting Services

Nonprofit clients like community foundations, human services organizations, colleges, performing arts organizations, museums, and other 501(c)(3) organizations have trusted Endowment Partners to provide impartial and informed investment consulting services. We serve our nonprofit clients with an unwavering commitment to their sustainability and success. We are fiduciaries and therefore we do not offer or represent any products or services that influence our recommendations or potentially conflict with meeting our clients’ investment objectives.

As your Investment Consultant, Endowment Partners focuses solely on helping you responsibly discharge your fiduciary responsibilities while improving your prospects for success and sustainability. Our investment consulting philosophy is centered around providing customized, value-added, risk-aware strategic solutions. We value these long-term partnerships and pride ourselves on our commitment to your success and sustainability. 

We equip you with the research, education and information you need to make informed and effective decisions in regard to governance structure and governance documents, investments and allocations, investment managers, investment manager performance and benchmarking, and fiduciary risk.

  • reporting aggregation across multiple accounts and advisors

  • data aggregation and transparency

  • manage investment managers 

  • manager recommendations 

  • strategy oversight 

  • manage fiduciary risk 

  • accountability 

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