Sophisticated Investment Strategy

Our industry-specific experience allows us to tailor investment solutions to the unique challenges of nonprofits, foundations and endowments.  Our goal is to help you meet near-term spending goals, increase current income, defend against downside risk, preserve long-term purchasing power against inflation, and grow the corpus through strategic investing.  Endowment Partners helps generate the investment income needed to fund your program initiatives, operations, disbursements, and perpetual growth. 

Our firm provides continuous advice and transparency to you regarding the investment of your funds. Account supervision is guided by the stated objectives in the Investment Policy Statement (capital appreciation, growth, income, or growth and income). Through customized, individually managed portfolios we accommodate reasonable restrictions on investing in certain securities, types of securities, or industry sectors.

We serve you with an unwavering commitment to your sustainability and success. As fiduciaries, we do not offer or represent any products or services that influence our recommendations or potentially conflict with meeting your investment goals and objectives. Allowing us to handle your organization’s investment management lets you focus your attention on increasing the impact and success of your mission.


  • Risk Tolerance: using your Investment Policy Statement as our guide, we assist your Finance Committee in identifying appropriate risk tolerance levels based on your organization's future financial requirements. 

  • Asset allocation: we present a strategic and tactical mix of asset classes that offer the most potential returns with your designated risk tolerance in mind. 

  • Reporting: on a quarterly basis, we provide reports summarizing the performance of the portfolio compared to a blended asset class benchmark as outlined in your Investment Policy Statement. 

  • Asset purchasing:  as discretionary asset managers, we are responsible for selecting and overseeing your investments. Asset purchases occur over time to be mindful of market volatility and macroeconomic risk. 

  • Transparency: portfolio performance is entirely transparent and can be monitored on-demand through our Client Portal by all stakeholders

  • Active management: cash positions or concentrated equity positions can be optimized to generate additional revenue for the organization through implementing conservative options strategies. Our team has over a decade of experience utilizing conservative options strategies to generate additional revenue as part of an active portfolio management strategy.