Enhanced Donor Stewardship

We provide long-term support for your agency through enhancing your major donor relationships and work to grow your agencies' investable assets through these relationships. Our clients often view us as an extension of their Development Team, as we work closely with our clients’ development teams to bring the Ultra High Net Worth donor expectation to the major gift conversation. 


We leverage data, rather than opinion, to structure sophisticated gifting strategies that are most beneficial to both you and your donor. When we reshape the ask around non-cash gifts, the data consistently proves that gifts are larger and overall fundraising increases across every nonprofit sector. 


The funds your organization raises may be allocated for specific purposes or may come with restrictions as to how they can be used. For each type of gift, we help ensure the restrictions are accounted for, and reporting requirements are met.


  • Donor Investment Experience: Endowment Partners brings ultra-high net worth expectations and stewardship to donor conversations on behalf of our clients

  • Donor Confidence: Through our support, nonprofit donors have confidence in the long-range sustainability of the organization through their ongoing gifting. 

  • Nonprofit Agency Competence: Sophisticated strategies and conversations with donors expand the development team acumen and support overall agency growth.