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Enhanced Donor
Stewardship & Fundraising

We provide long-term support for your agency through enhancing your major donor relationships and work to grow your agency’s investable assets through these relationships. We leverage data, rather than opinion, to structure sophisticated gifting strategies that are most beneficial to both you and your donor.


Our scope of service ranges from Endowment Program development and Legacy Program development to full-service Capital Campaign Feasibility Studies, Strategic Planning, and Capital Campaign Management.


  • Strategic Planning: Organizational strategy impacts both your day-to-day operations as well as your fundraising. Endowment Partners provides comprehensive strategic planning services for our clients. We work with your team on a long-term basis through different stages of growth, ensuring continuity, and building team and resource synergy to create even greater impact. Our strategic planning outputs don't sit on shelves gathering dust, they are top-of-mind for our clients and for us. Once you've approved the plan, we offer additional workshops on lateral management, clarifying your organizational chart, hiring, and 14 other strategy modules designed to help you scale.


  • Feasibility Study: A campaign of any kind requires additional resources and support. Endowment Partners conducts feasibility studies in advance of a campaign launch to ensure that the allocation of these resources by the board and senior leadership. This feasibility study clarifies the campaign goal, organizational readiness, potential gift opportunities, and messaging opportunities. Endowment Partners clients receive comprehensive studies including expansive interviews and data analysis. 


  • Campaign Management: Endowment Partners not only creates the capital or capacity campaign plan, identifies and evaluates prospective donors, but also develops and designs case materials and provides support to staff and volunteers. Our wrap-around service ensures that you have all the tools ready to use in advance of launching the campaign all the way through the pledge period. Our consulting team has experience with multimillion-dollar campaigns and access to planned and blended gift experts, a full-service design team, grant writers, and exceptional strategists. 


  • Research & Data: Endowment Partners partners with cutting-edge research tools that enable us to pinpoint the precise opportunities your organization can leverage. Our comprehensive set of research tools include access to data on your existing and prospective donors. Our research goes beyond what even the best fundraising consulting firms can do by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence marketing research tools including eye motion tracking, facial expression recognition, and preference analysis. We are dedicated to your growth so we provide unlimited access to these tools to our clients. 


  • Board Training & Development: Leaders in business have extensive experience in their own sectors but many don't have training or expertise in philanthropy beyond their own generosity. Endowment Partners leverages an extensive body of scientific and data-driven practices to inform best practices in fundraising and nonprofit leadership. Our tailored sessions help boards build confidence, understand the important role they play, and develop stronger relationships internally and externally. We offer clients quarterly opportunities to receive training on a wide variety of practical subjects including industry trends, fundraising for boards, understanding estate gifts, and growing board diversity. 


  • Development Audits: Endowment Partners provides clients with comprehensive audits of development plans and strategies, identifying resource opportunities and barriers. These audits provide the executive team with a clear, actionable plan to create sustainable success in their fundraising systems.


  • Interim Outsourced Chief Development Director: When a senior fundraiser leaves, nonprofits don’t just lose time, they lose money. Lost relationships and continuity can impact giving today and future estate gifts. While your organization is searching for a replacement, our team gets to work making sure your fundraising engine is running at full steam until you place your candidate. 

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